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Pão de Queijo
Brazilian Cheese Bread

The best traditional homemade Brazilian cheese bread in town!

Eat in store and take them frozen to bake at home!

​Pão de queijo (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈpɐ̃w dʒi 'kejʒʊ], "cheese bread" in Portuguese) or Brazilian cheese bread is a small, baked cheese bun, a popular snack and breakfast food in Brazil. It is a traditional Brazilian recipe, from the state of Minas Gerais. Though its origins are uncertain, it is speculated that the recipe has existed since the eighteenth century, although it became popular around the 1950s.

Pão de queijo originated from African workers in Brazilian. They would soak and peel the cassava root and make bread rolls from it. At this time, there was no cheese in the rolls. At the end of the 19th century, more ingredients became available to the Afro-Brazilian community such as milk and cheese.


They added milk and cheese to the tapioca flour, making what we now know as Pão de queijo. ​In Brazil, pão de queijo is a popular breakfast dish and snack. It continues to be widely sold at snack bars and bakeries and it can also be bought frozen to bake at home.

Arguably the best Brazilian cheese bread in Amsterdam. Come and visit Little Brazil to experience the taste!

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