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Brazilian Roasted Coffee Beans

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Amazon Reforestation

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Terra Brasilis is the term used to describe Brazil before the arrival of Europeans, the land of the Indians. The expression "terra brasilis" already appeared on maps from the 16th and 17th centuries, such as the map made by Pedro Reinel and Lopo Homem in 1519.

Brazilian Coffee means “your are very welcome” in the home of all Brazilians, a little coffee is always offered to friends and visitors, it is also part of the business world - small, medium and large companies, since corporate trainings until business meetings.

We chose these roasted coffee beans because the Supplier is committed to connect Brazilian farmers to you, directly, including their own farms.  From their office in Amsterdam, they take care of End-to-End logistics including complete nationalization.

They stem from a family coffee farm in Brazil, which since 1880 has been devoted to growing quality coffee. In the last years they invested in research on how to improve the quality, sustainability and productivity of their production, as well as to foster the development of the entire region of Monte Carmelo, Minas Gerais State, Brazil.

In 2018 they expanded their network to overseas, and the Supplier was established with the commitment to connecting growers and roasters directly, to always guarantee consistent quality  in every coffee bag delivered to you.

​They have teams and quality control labs in Minas Gerais, Brazil and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which include certified Q Graders, that will verify the quality of the coffee before it is shipped from the farm, and also when it arrives at the port in the Netherlands.



CO2 Footprint:  They are a climate-positive farm.

Rail instead of trucks: They are one of the rare companies investing in the transition of historical pure road to rail transportation with a reduction of 30% in CO2.

BioCare: drastic reduction in the use of pesticides, mitigation in the use of chemical fertilizers, and use of organic technology.

One tree in Amazon for every pallet sold: they begun Brazil’s reforestation in the Amazon forest assuring that native tree’s species are protected.

Amazon tribes:  the tree planting is supported by local tribe’s ensuring a better social and economic development of the native people in the Amazon forest.

Social responsibility: workers are cared following local labor law incl. the adoption of periodic medical exams, meals provided by the farms, usage of PPG, training and profit sharing.

Water conservation: extensive irrigation technology with 100% of high precision Israeli drippers; use of artificial intelligence to save water to minimum necessary and use of water magnetization technology to reduce the water consumption.

Air Discharge reduction: tractors fleet replacement to diesel engines s10 with greater efficiency lowering fuel consumption by 30%.


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