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Terra Brasilis Coffee Beans

CERRADO Mineiro, Brazil

Where does bourbon coffee come from?


Among the varieties of coffee that must surely have entered your home and in your cup, the most popular in the coffee market is Bourbon, a bean highly consumed worldwide. Despite recently conquering the Brazilian palate for its natural sweetness, it has a lot of history here: coffee has been planted in Brazil for almost 150 years!


By coincidence or not, the origin of this grain goes back to an island called Bourbon. According to ABIC (Brazilian Coffee Institute), around 1715, the French King Louis XIV had received as a gift from some Dutchmen a foot that ended up being grown in a greenhouse in the city of Versailles. When it first bore fruit, some seedlings were taken to the island of Réunion (at the time, the island of Bourbon), where they thrived and were named after the place.


About 100 years later, a ship docked in Brazil bringing with it some seedlings of the new coffee variety, which were acquired by coffee grower Luiz Pereira Barreto - who was responsible for introducing Bourbon here. Despite not knowing the variety, the producer noticed great differences between it and the “common coffees” planted here.

It was then that Luiz decided to check what that new grain really was. On a visit to Belgium, Luiz was able to compare his coffee with one hitherto studied there. The name? Bourbon coffee, of course. There, the producer was sure of the origin and characteristics of his rare product at the time. Today, this varietal is widely produced with excellence in regions such as Cerrado Mineiro, Minas Gerais, Brazil and consumed in all regions of the country.

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